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Word of the Week: Adaptive Learning | Knowingo+ Lingo


Adaptive Learning refers to a principle in learning technology. Learning solutions which utilize ‘Adaptive Learning’ are sophisticated technological tools that are able to assign the right content at the right time according to the unique needs of the learner. However,…

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Our 2017 Summer Release is Now Live!

About Knowingo

Our Dev team has been on fire lately! We’re back with a new update for the summer. That means new features, new improvements, and a new, fresh look.   Introducing: Question Review This summer, we're excited to introduce Question Review—…

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5 Benefits of Using Gamification in Learning


Gamification in learning is not a new concept in the world of digital learning: but it's always been a controversial one. Here are some of the benefits to using a gamified learning solution in your learning strategy! 5. Instant and Specific…

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drip feed learning

Word of the week: Drip Feed Learning | Knowingo+ Lingo


Drip Feed Learning or Drip Feeding is a learner-centric technique that’s focused on delivering small, frequent doses of information, at exactly the right time intervals. In order to combat the obvious drawbacks of traditional e-learning methods, Knowingo+ learners are being…

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